Crystal clear blue ocean, rich and natural environments, and beautiful sunset spots — Here you will find tourist spots full of natural attractions.

Amami City (Kasari)

Kasari, Amami City, is in the northernmost part of Amami Oshima; it is dominated by agricultural lands largely dedicated to producing brown sugar cane, but also has a number of beautiful beaches. Tourists spots like Tomori Beach and Bashayama-mura seaside resort are crowded with tourists enjoying the white sandy beaches and deep blue ocean. It is also said to be the site where Amami people originated, marking it as an area that has long been inhabited by people.

Tatsugo Town

Tatsugo is located just in-between Kasari (where the airport is) and Naze (where a ferry port is), offering easy access to both airplanes and ferries. History is deeply rooted here, as shown by cultural events such as the Arasetsu festival of Akina village, the legend of the Heike family that remains today, and the Saigo Nanshu (Takamori Saigo) Former Residence Site. Tatsugo is also the birthplace of the iconic Oshima Tsumugi silk fabric designs "Tatsugo-gara" and "Akina-bara."

Amami City (Naze)

Naze, Amami City, is approximately one hour away from the Amami Airport by car and is recognized as the hub of the Amami Archipelago. Naze is well known as the home of Authentic Amami Oshima Tsumugi, a traditional silk textile.

Yamato Village

Yamato is located in the western part of Amami Oshima. On the eastern side of Yamato stands the sacred Mt. Yuwan, which is also the highest peak on Amami at 694.4m. The western side features stunning viewpoints of the East China Sea. The prefectural road runs along the coast facing the East China Sea, so there are many incredibly gorgeous places to catch the sunset. There are other tourist spots on the way to Mt. Yuwan, such as Materiya Waterfall and Amami Forestopolis; the best of both mountain and ocean activities. Along with its beautiful nature, this village is known for delicious fruits such as plums, Tankan citrus, mango, passion fruit and more.

Amami City (Sumiyo)

Sumiyo, Amami City, is located south of Naze and in the geographical center of Amami Oshima. The Sumiyo River, one of the three major rivers in the Amami Archipelago, runs through this region. Visitors can immerse themselves in the second largest mangrove forest in Japan by participating in canoe tours through this ecologically diverse environment.

Uken Village

Uken is in the southwest end of Amami Oshima and is where the sacred Mt. Yuwan from the legend of Amami's origin, as well as the highest peak on Amami, is located. The high mountains obstruct the chilly wintertime winds, so even in winter the mild climate and calm sea are preserved. The mystical and rare nature here truly soothes the soul.

Setouchi Town

Setouchi is on the southernmost edge of Amami Oshima. There are numerous offshore islands across the Oshima Strait included in Setouchi-cho, with Kakeromajima, Ukejima, and Yorojima being the inhabited ones. Along with many long-standing traditions and old folk customs, Setouchi is the southern "Mecca" for marine leisure in the incredible Oshima Strait.