Ohama Seaside Park

Setting sun

Ohama Seaside Park is a 20-minute drive from the center of Naze. It features beautiful swimming spots along the beach and is known as a place for relaxation and refreshments among the local residents. The location is also well known for the impressive sunset view you can experience there. The park has a relaxation facility called "Thallaso Amami no RYUGU," which has a seawater therapy pool that overlooks the seaside. The nearby Amami Seaside Museum has exhibits about not only the ocean wildlife but also aspects of Amami culture such as traditional fishing methods. Ohama beach is also a well-known egg-laying site for loggerhead sea turtles and green sea turtles during the summertime.

Spot Information

【Adress】701-1 Ohama, Naze Koshuku, Amami-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture 894-0046

【Phone Number】0997-55-6000

【Transportation】About 1 hour and 10 minute drive from Amami Airport; About 30 minute drive from Amami City Hall.