Gamozaki Kanko Park

Setting sun

This observatory park preserves the legend of the Heike family in ancient history. The legend says: After their major loss in the battle at Dan no Ura (today's mainland Yamaguchi Pref.), a group of Heike samurais ran away from their enemy Genji family to Amami Oshima. To watch for enemies from the Genji family, the hiding samurais posted guards on both sides of the entrance of the Kasari bay. Gamozaki Jinja shrine honors Gamo Zaemon, one of these Heike samurai soldiers posted on the right side of the Yanizaki area. The observatory park has a magnificent view and the sunset from Gamozaki is especially remarkable.

Spot Information

【Adress】Amami Kyoraumi Kobo

【Phone Number】+81 (0)997-63-1111 (Industrial Development Division, Kasari Branch, Amami City)

【Transportation】Approx. 54 minute drive from Amami Airport.