Arangachi Waterfall


Sourced from Mt. Yuwan, this waterfall features running water falling from a height of approximately 30 meters (98.4 ft.). It is one of the best waterfalls among the Amami islands. The waterfall basin has a number of Tanaga shrimps and Kougan crabs.

Spot Information

【Adress】Ishira, Uken, Oshima, Kagoshima, Japan

【Phone Number】+81 (0)997-67-221 (Uken Village Hall)

【Transportation】50 minute by bus from Amami Airport to West Coat Hotel (Shima Bus Airport line), change at Shima Bus Honsha (HQ Bld.) Mae to a bus to Koniya (Shima Bus South Oshima line) for another 45 minute ride. Change at Shin-mura to a bus to Uken for a 33 minute ride. Get off the bus at Yuwan, and a 35 minute walk to the destination.