Boregura storehouses


Takakura are elevated storehouses that were designed to keep grain and other foodstuffs away from rats, moisture and other elements. The group of Takakura are called 'Boregura,' and it is a designated Prefectural Cultural Property. Takakura are characterized by their complete disuse of nails in their construction, and the flow of air provides excellent conditions to preserve stored food and such. They are also designed to withstand strong winds, and be unlatched easily in the event of a fire or other natural disasters.

Spot Information

【Adress】Yamato-son Yamatohama, Oshima-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture 894-3105

【Phone Number】+81 (0)997-57-2111 (Yamato-son Hall)

【Transportation】Approx. 2 minute walk from Yamato-son Hall