The Remains of Nanshu Saigo


A historic samurai in the late Edo and early Meiji periods, Takamori Saigo (aka Nanshu for his pen name) was exiled from the mainland Kagoshima to Amami Oshima before the Meiji Restoration. He spent three years on Amami. In Tatsugo Town where he spent his exile period, Saigo married a local girl named Aikana from the Ryu clan, making a family with her and two children. This memorial site of Saigo had an exhibition of related articles, a cherry tree Saigo planted, and a monument with an epitaph sent by Katsu Kaishu, another national figure in the same period.

Spot Information

【Adress】166-1 Tatsugo, Tatsugo, Oshima, Kagoshima, Japan

【Phone Number】+81 (0)997-62-3368

【Transportation】Approx. 40 minute drive from Naze Port. Approx. 25 minute drive from Amami Airport.