【Receive up to 50,000 Yen in Subsidies!】Let’s go on the Special Bike Tour of Miyakozaki on Amami Oshima!





To those who are planning a trip to Amami Oshima, I’d like to announce the incredible “Experience Program Usage Promotion Subsidy Project.”  Visitors of 6 people/days  (for example, 2 people x 3 days stay equals 6 people/days) or more to Amami Oshima, and who participate in at least two of the designated ‘experience programs’ can receive up to 50,000 Yen in subsidies.

For more information, please click here.  *Translators note: I recommend that those who are interested in this program contact the Tourism Department of Amami City at this email: kanko@city.amami.lg.jp

*Subsidies can only be deposited into a Japanese bank account (no overseas accounts)*


Now, this time I will be introducing the “Amami Full Experience Program No. 64; Miyakozaki Bike Tour.”

Miyakozaki is a cape that is about a 25 minute walk from Kuninao village in Yamato Town, where ‘ryukyu-chiku’ bamboo stretches out like a meadow; it is a scenic spot because of the panoramic view overlooking the East China Sea.  It is also designated as a ‘special area’ of the Amami Gunto National Park.



After becoming one of the locations where the opening for the NHK Taiga Drama ‘Segodon’ was filmed, it has gotten so popular that many people visit every day!

To go to Miyakozaki, there is a bike tour where you ride on cute pastel bicycles to get there.  It is hosted by NPO Corp. Tamasu, and is guided by a local who is well-informed about Miyakozaki.


The starting point is the village road along the coast.


It is a bicycle tour that would normally take 25 minutes on foot.

Entering the forest from the ocean, the pleasant sensation of gently riding through this nature filled with ‘negative ions’ is something you cannot experience by walking.

Alright, let’s go!


There is a clear ocean where you can see coral reefs.

The path to Miyakozaki is about 2 meters wide, so cars and motorcycles are prohibited from entering.  There are many slight slopes and curves where you cannot anticipate the path ahead, so we went slowly without picking up speed.  It is a pleasant place where you can stop to check out the magnificent view on the way, take pictures, and go at your own pace.

The guide stops and explains things that only a local would know, such as “That is a fishing buoy to catch ‘shiira’ (mahi-mahi) fish,” and “That is a beach called Oyagozaki where fish and fisherman frequent.”  Thanks to this, you can learn more about the nature and culture of Amami.


There are various routes, and there is a sign about Miyakozaki where they all merge.

It took about 10 minutes from the starting point.  At last we arrive at the observatory!  Here we park the bicycles, and head to the cape on foot.  The wind felt great on my slightly sweaty face.


We parked the bicycles under the observatory, then walked down.

The sight of the ‘ryukyu-chiku’ that is the height of our waist spreading out is a masterpiece.  Furthermore, the East China Sea spreads out even beyond that, and you can see other capes in a row in the distance to the left and right.  Dolphins can be spotted here year-round, and you can observe the bobbing figure of whales in the winter!

We were also shown the location where actor Ryohei Suzuki stood in the opening for the NHK Taiga drama ‘Segodon.’


Walking along a path that is so small it is often mistaken to be the end of the trail.

Here I’d like to introduce important points about Miyakozaki.

  • The edge of the cliffs are hidden in the leaves so keep ample distance from the cliff
  • Sharp roots could pierce your feet so do not stray from the path
  • There could be holes, so be cautious when walking on a path that is covered by leaves
  • The leaves could cut your legs so long pants are highly recommended
  • In spring the ‘buto’ (a black fly that bites people) comes out, so long sleeves and long pants are highly recommended during this season

Although it cannot be seen from above, if you look from the side there is a huge precipitous cliff!

Let’s fully enjoy this exceptional scenery while being careful of such cliffs.

At the time when we visited, parents along with their children, middle-aged couples, and other people were also visiting; they enjoyed the stunning view in the distance, took commemorative photographs, and more.  I believe Miyakozaki is a place that leaves lasting memories, no matter how many times you visit or who you visit with.

Now, the good thing about bicycles is how fast it feels.  In the blink of an eye we had returned, and in around 10 minutes we were sitting at a café in Kuninao village looking at and exchanging pictures while we drank tea.  I was surprised at how little time and physical strength it took compared to walking.

国直集落の海亀公園にあるカフェBee Lunchのグワバジュース

This is the guava juice at Café Bee Lunch that is on Sea Turtle Park (‘Umigame Kouen’) in Kuninao village.

Instead of feverishly touring around sightseeing spots, I recommend that you spend time comfortably if you stay in Kuninao village, as if you were on vacation.  Get active in nature, enjoy a chat with the locals, gaze at the changing colors of the sky as the sun sets; I’d like for you to experience the real Amami.

I’m sure that in that time you will definitely re-charge your heart.


I found the lovely ‘nanban-giseru’ (Aeginetia indica) flower on Miyakozaki!

The Amami Full Experience Tour Executive Committee is providing subsidies based off of the length of accommodation as a part of the “Experience Program Usage Promotion Subsidy Project.”  It is for people who used the Experience Program that incorporates the local resources, culture, tradition, and nature of Amami Oshima.

In order to receive this subsidy, you need to reside outside of the Amami Islands, participate in at least two Experience Programs that qualify for the subsidy, and fulfill various other requirements.

Please check the Amami City official website for more details about the subsidy program.

*Subsidies can only be deposited into a Japanese bank account (no overseas accounts)*

-Contact Information for the Subsidy Program-

Amami Full Experience Tour Executive Committee (Tsumugi & Tourism Promotion Division of Amami City Hall)

Address: 13-1 Naze Minato-cho, Amami-shi, Kagoshima-ken 894-0026

Phone: 0997-52-1148






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