‘Diving Shop Neverland’—the sea turtle snorkeling experience is wildly popular!






In the warm ocean waters of Amami Oshima, one can enjoy diving, snorkeling, surfing and other marine sports year-round.




This marine sports shop that is rapidly rising in popularity within the island is ‘Diving Shop Neverland.’

This shop that just recently passed the 3-year mark since their opening already has many repeat customers.  Some guests have even moved to Amami so that they could continue using their services.

The owner, Mr. Naoki Furuta, is from Hyogo Prefecture.

He moved to Amami Oshima ten years ago, and gained many experiences at diving shops on the island.

“It is very important to us to provide customer service with all our hearts, to like and become close with the guests, as well as to always suggest new ways to enjoy ourselves,” said Mr. Furuta.



The most popular tour at ‘Neverland’ is the ‘sea turtle snorkeling experience.’

There is over a 90% chance that customers will encounter a sea turtle!

Actually, ‘Neverland’ was the first to hold a tour to go look at sea turtles while snorkeling.




The points that ‘Neverland’ takes divers and snorkelers to are mostly exclusive spots, and ‘Old Cale and New Cale’ is one of those.

By the way, the origin of the name ‘Old Cale and New Cale’ is apparently that “when we first found the spot, we were so taken by its beauty, we thought ‘this place is totally New Caledonia!’”

Then, the area full of fish on the side facing the shore that is in front of ‘New Cale’ is called ‘Old Cale.’  Just hearing the explanation of the name makes you excitedly wonder what kind of place it is.




There are also many other spots with unique names, such as ‘Sunny Paradise’ and ‘Coral Jungle.’  ‘Neverland’s’ secret for becoming so popular is their abundance of exclusive spots.




Holding new tours such as the ‘sea turtle snorkeling experience,’ pioneering exclusive spots; ‘Neverland’ is always challenging themselves to new things.

Starting with Mr. Furuta, the friendly staff welcomes you with a smile.

For those who are complete beginners at swimming and feel hesitant to try marine sports, how about casually contacting them without reserve?


*Photographs all courtesy of Diving Shop Neverland







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