Naze’s main restaurant ‘Torishin’ is perfect for those who love ‘keihan’ made with rich soup!






Located in the Itsubu-cho neighborhood of Naze, Amami City, the chicken sitting on top of the roof is eye-catching both in day and nighttime.

As you approach the shop, the delicious smell of the chicken wafting towards you will make your mouth water!

If you ask an islander where to eat the local chicken soup dish called ‘keihan’ in Naze, most people will say this shop, which is famous on the island.

The izakaya-style (Japanese pub) menu is full of island favorites like keihan and grilled chicken skewers (‘yakitori’), amongst others.  They also offer a great variety of Amami brown sugar shochu (distilled liquor), of course!



The inside of the restaurant has a calm atmosphere, with all wooden counters, tables and chairs filling the space under a bright light.



They have tatami rooms as well as sunken seating tables (where the leg area is sunken), so large parties and families can easily find seating.

In addition, another great point about this restaurant is it has a parking lot, even though it is in the main hub of Naze. They have set aside space so that up to 8 cars can park there, making it very easy to use.

The menu variety, the spacious parking lot and Japanese-style seating; these three things are especially great for families with small children.

They are open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm without a break, so you can freely eat there for lunch or dinner without worrying about the restaurant hours.


This is the restaurant’s ‘keihan.’

The flavor of ‘keihan’ soup varies by restaurant, ranging from simple, lightly flavored to richly flavored.  Preferences also vary person to person.

The soup at Torishin is very rich.  They spend half a day simmering the soup.  The restaurant uses natural salt from Amami and other local ingredients to reproduce the same fond taste from the owner’s childhood.

By faithfully following the same preparation steps as the past, through time and effort the soup becomes beautifully clear.

There is also a menu full of other dishes that you should try!


A dish that you should definitely taste while on Amami is the goat soup!

This is a specialty dish that has been eaten to gain stamina since for many years.

Please enjoy the range of textures, from the chewiness of the thoroughly stewed goat meat to the texture of the burdock root.

The goat soup here at Torishin is made to weaken the aftertaste of the goat, making it easier to eat; it is also easy for first-timers to try out as well.


In addition to the ‘keihan,’ another main specialty of Torishin is the Amami Kurobuta pork and papaya donburi (rice bowl dish).

This popular dish won on the “Show—1 (ショーワン) Grand Prix”, a show which hosts an event to discover new local cuisine in various areas.

Island Kurobuta pork, Green papaya, Mozuku seaweed, Taro stem and others are ingredients that have been used since the past; these ingredients, which you rarely find outside of Amami, are plentiful in this dish.

It is quite fun to taste each unique ingredient as you try and guess what each of them are!


This restaurant is easy to drop by for everyone, including those alone, in large groups, sight-seers and locals.

Relish the culinary masterpieces created from the ingredients and processes that the owner treasures!

*Translated by Rosemary White

*Original article is 「濃厚スープの鶏飯が好みの人はここ!名瀬の名店「鳥しん」」





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