Enjoy island folk songs and cuisine at Gintei (吟亭), the place-to-be at night on Amami!






Located on Yanigawa-dori (屋仁川通り), the busiest street in all of Amami, Gintei specializes in traditional Amami island folk songs (shima-uta) and local cuisine. If you walk towards the mountains on this street at around 7 o’clock at night, you can hear the sounds of the traditional island taiko drum ‘chijin’ and shima-uta resonate from somewhere. If you follow that sound, you come upon Gintei.


Freely participate in the shima-uta festivities and develop a sense of unity with everyone ♪



The main attraction at Gintei is the shima-uta and the August Dance/Rokucho dancing.  You can hear the shima-uta of Meiko Matsuyama, a hostess for Gintei but also a shima-uta singer who represents Amami Oshima.  The live show begins at 7 o’clock at night.

Mrs. Matsuyama sings to the beat of the chijin drum she plays, with the accompaniment of a sanshin (three-stringed instrument) musician.



After listening to a few shima-uta songs and receiving an introductory explanation of the August Dance, Rokucho, and ‘Waido-bushi’ dances, the customers and employees form a circle and dance together.

It is very fun for everyone, even those who tend to be shy!

As you dance you naturally start to smile, and you can enjoy yourself along with those next to you who you have just met.  This embodies the lively atmosphere of Amami Oshima!


The delicious island dishes will have you smacking your lips!


While you listen to the shima-uta, Gintei-specialty island cuisine is brought to the table in succession, like a course meal.

The menu has local dishes that you can indulge in, like Amami mozuku (a type of seaweed), tobinya (strawberry conch), kuruma-ebi (Amami freshwater shrimp), buta-miso (miso pork), handama-no-goma-ae (sesame-seasoned island spinach), mada-jiru (squid-ink soup), and more.




It costs 3,000 yen to enjoy the shima-uta along with the simple yet delicious island cuisine course meal, with drinks sold separately.

For those who would prefer to listen to the shima-uta without a meal, they offer a lower priced option as well.


Gintei has a tatami room as well as counter seating, so everyone is welcome, including those alone and large groups.  It is probably best to make a reservation in advance!

*Translated by Rosemary White

*Original article is 「【吟亭(ぎんてい)】奄美の夜はここで決まり!シマ唄とシマ料理を堪能」





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