Experience ‘Amami Blue,’ the finest color, at Amami Oshima’s Top 8 Best Beaches!





Greetings! Or ‘Ugaminshouran,’ in the local Amami dialect!

On Amami Oshima and Kakeroma Island, where untouched nature remains, one can find the finest beaches everywhere.

White sandy beaches, ocean transparent enough to see clear blue underwater, colorful fish swimming around coral reefs even next to the shoreline…

Once you encounter the richness of this ecosystem and beauty, you personally feel that this world is not only composed of that which is on land.

Come along now, once you visit this beautiful ocean make sure to feel the ocean water.  Dive into the ocean if possible.  The warm sea of Amami will gently welcome you!

※While the ocean may seem calm, there are areas where the tide is strong.  Please do not swim too far away from land.  Be cautious of the rip tide.  Wearing a life-jacket is highly recommended.

1.  Amami’s diving and snorkeling spot ‘Kurasaki Beach,’ where viewing as well as diving into the ocean is beautiful!  (Tatsugō town)


Kurasaki Beach is located in Tatsugō town.  Since it is an inland beach, the water is always calm and easy to swim in.

The transparency is outstanding!  You will be mesmerized by the ocean color on sunny days.  It is also recommended for diving and snorkeling.

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2. The photogenic ‘Tomori Beach;’ its beauty will take your breath away (Kasari town, Amami City)


Located in the northern area of Amami-Oshima, Tomori Beach is just minutes away from the airport.

This is finest beach that will astound you with its beauty no matter when you visit.  There are areas where the tide is strong, so a lifeguard is stationed there during summer vacation.  A must-see beach when you first arrive on Amami-Oshima!

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3.  Taenbama Beach- a place dyed by the sunset where you can feel the composed nature around you


Taenbama Beach is in Uken town.  It is a beach that runs along the coast.  Along with the white sand and beautiful ocean, the fully-equipped facilities nearby are also appealing.

There are of course showers and bathrooms, tables with benches, as well as lifeguards to protect your safety, so it is the perfect place to relax as a family.

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4.  Only about 20 min by car away from an urban area!  Ohama Seaside Park, a restful area for local islanders (Naze, Amami City)


The Ohama coast of Naze, Amami City, within the Seaside Park is a restful place for the local islanders in the area.

During summer vacation, a lifeguard protects your safety for you. You can touch the sea turtles in the Ocean Exhibition Hall, or enjoy the thalasso therapy pool on rainy days!

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5.  Yadori-hama, the ocean in the southernmost area where fish and coral thrive (Setouchi town)




This beach is on the western edge of Setouchi town.  It is far from the villages, so you can quietly enjoy the beach leisure. 

Showers, bathrooms, and a camp ground are jointly established, so thoroughly enjoying the falling stars in the night sky is also extravagant.

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6.  The completely private Kuninao Beach, where the evening sunset is also recommended!  (Yamato village)


Yamato village’s Kuninao Beach is calm, and is characterized by the transparent ocean waters everywhere.  Complete with a bathroom and showers, you can enjoy the island’s ocean and idyllic beauty like a local.

Relax at a nearby café, or enjoy the mysterious tunnel made of Fukugi trees.  It is also an egg-laying site​ for sea turtles at night.

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7.  The special beach dubbed with the name ‘Saneku Blue’ (Setouchi town, Kakeroma Island)


While there are many beautiful beaches on Kakeroma Island, Saneku Beach has a exceptional reputation among them.

From Setouchi’s Koniya Port to Sesou Port, this beach is on the Northeastern tip of the island.  Discover the most wonderful of blues while taking in the relaxed atmosphere of Kakeroma Island.  You absolutely must experience this stunning sensation for yourself.  There is also a bathroom, showers, and a camp ground.

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8.  ‘Sakibaru Beach,’ where the scenery of olden times remains.  (Kasari town, Amami City)



Sakibaru Beach is located in Kasari town of Amami City.  It is at the very end of the road, far away from the villages.

Once you pass through the shade of the umbrella trees, the white sandy beach soon spreads out before you.  The beach reminds an elderly friend of mine of the island in the olden days.

Although it is untouched, it is a beach that is so beautiful.  My surprise and deep emotion at the richness of the island with forever remain with me. 

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What do you think?

There are many other beautiful beaches aside from these.  Please experience the beauty that Amami’s islands boast to the world.

*Translated by Rosemary White
*Original article is 「極上色彩の奄美ブルー!奄美大島のベストビーチ8選」





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