Let’s Explore the ocean of Amami at the ‘Amami Seaside Museum’ of Naze, Amami City






A place that I highly encourage you to visit before enjoying the Ohama sunset is the Amami Seaside Museum.

It is about 15 minutes away from the center of Amami/main area of Naze, and is in the Ohama Seaside Park. Although it is a small facility for an aquarium, it introduces the activities of the ocean, people and nature in an easily understandable manner.

Equipped with an activity corner, mini-theater, and more, it is an ideal place for islanders accompanied by children to ‘compactly’ play at.  It is definitely a must-visit for rainy day outings.



Observe the splendid ocean in a 3-D “eco-rama!!”


The specialty of the Amami Seaside Museum: this diorama, or rather, “eco-rama.” It displays the various sub-tropical fish and sea turtles that they are raising.



The large aquarium tank and the plants inside symbolize the oceanic nature of Amami, and it is characterized by the 3-D display of the coral reef ocean, sandy beaches and seaside forests.  You can observe how the ocean life adapts to their natural environment.



Let’s use seashells and sand to create original artwork!!


You can hand-make original crafts using materials from the ocean of Amami.  A craft-making ‘menu’ that incorporates coral, sand, seashells, and seaweed is prepared for craft makers.




You can make ocean-themed crafts, sand art, key-chains, and seaweed bookmarks for about 300-400 yen per craft.  Excitedly making these crafts with friends and family surely creates fond memories.


Also, in addition to craft-making, there is a free of charge “mini seashell search” area.  You can search for about a 5mm sized seashell and take it home!



Let’s observe the sea creatures!


The creatures of the coral reefs are exhibited on the 1st floor.  In the coral aquariums, you can observe the wildlife of the ocean.



In addition, seashells, seaweed, shrimp, crabs and other creatures collected in Amami Oshima are exhibited.



Let’s have fun watching an original film about Amami’s beautiful ocean!!



In the 2nd floor exhibition room, the seaside flora and fauna as well as the deep connection between the coral reefs and the lifestyle of the islanders is introduced in models and videos. In the back of the exhibition room, there is a ‘movie experience corner,’ where you can enjoy the beautiful ocean of Amami in a 20-minute long original film.


Also, on the same floor, the observation terrace is also a rest area where you can eat and drink.



Let’s try feeding the fish and sea turtles in the large aquarium!



As far as the main attraction of the Amami Seaside Museum goes, it is being able to directly feed the fish and turtles in the large aquarium. The caretaker gives you the food (lettuce) for free.


If the timing is right, you can even see and touch the baby sea turtles.


There is also a tank installed where you can touch sea cucumbers, starfish and other sea creatures, which is an area that children, of course, and adults can enjoy.

*Translated by Rosemary White

*Original article is 「さあ、奄美の海へ、探検の始まりです。奄美市名瀬の「奄美海洋展示館」





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