Compilation of Spots to Enjoy as a Family While on a Trip to Amami





Greetings, or ‘Ugaminshouran!’ Shi-ma Editorial Department here.

Amami is the perfect place to create family memories. We’ll now introduce spots where you can fully enjoy Amami as you experience its nature and culture together with your children ♫


Ayamaru Cape Tourist Park- where you can overlook the full horizon in a panoramic view. It’s also right by the airport!


Around 10 minutes away from the airport, “Ayamaru Cape Tourist Park” is a park that is loved by tourists and locals alike. On days off, it becomes crowded and lively with families.

It has a panorama view overlooking the full horizon, a playground where children can play, a grass hill sled area, unique bicycles, the list goes on and on!

In addition, we recommend the seawater swimming pool for the summer. There is little force from the waves, and there is a shower with a changing room, so it is perfect for swimming with children.

Jumping into the ocean with a splash after playing at the park seems like it would feel nice, right?

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Let’s begin the expedition to explore the ocean of Amami at the “Amami Ocean Exhibition Hall” of Naze, Amami City



This exhibition hall is located 15 minutes away from the heart of Naze by car.

The “Amami Ocean Exhibition Hall” is in the popular sunset spot “Ohama Seaside Park.”

Once you enter the building, there is a large aquarium where island fish and sea turtles welcome you. You can enjoy the ocean sea-creature exhibit area, feeding a sea turtle, handicraft workshops, and more.

At times when you think ‘We came all the way to Amami but its rainy, where should we go,’ for example, we recommend the “Amami Ocean Exhibition Hall.”

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See, feel, and learn using your five senses as you get to know Amami’s nature at the “Amami Wildlife Conservation Center”


The “Amami Wildlife Conservation Center” that is managed by the Ministry of the Environment is found in the southern area of Amami Oshima

The nature of Amami Oshima is recognized world-wide for its specificity and rarity. This is a facility where you can learn about the valuable wildlife that inhabit the area.

There is even a booth where you can pet an Amami rabbit?!

You’ll be sure to have fun as you learn about and experience the nature of Amami!

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Comfortably cycle around the nature-rich Kakeroma Island with the Rent-a-cycle Experience



The moment you arrive on Kakeroma Island, which is about 20 minutes by boat from the Koniya Port of Setouchi town in the southern area of Amami-Oshima, you can feel that time flows slowly.

Would you like to try going cycling around that relaxed island as a family?

You can rent a motorized bicycle at Ikenma Port, Sesou Port, and the “Kakeroma Island Exhibition/Workshop Exchange Hall” of Shodon. Since it is motorized, one can easily cycle about the island.

You can feel the comfortable breeze and experience the scenery that you would miss out on while riding in a car ♫

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Immerse yourself in ‘island time’ and experience the island culture at “Kenmun Village”


At “Kenmun Village,” which is located about 10 minutes away from the airport in the northern area of Amami-Oshima, one can experience Amami’s culture by doing things such as the ‘island songs (shima-uta) workshop,’ ‘sweet-making workshop,’ ‘salt-making workshop,’ ‘become an islander workshop,’ etc.

It is especially nice that you can enjoy various workshops without worrying about the weather ♫

The sweet older women of the island will kindly teach you~

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Depart on the whale-shaped boat and enjoy the underwater journey with your family on the Underwater Sightseeing Boat ‘Seto!’



We recommend the underwater sightseeing boat ‘Marine Viewer Seto’ for families with small children.

You can take a peek into the ocean without getting wet!

You would depart from the port station called ‘Umi no Eki’ in Koniya, Setouchi town. The cute whale-shaped boat will guide you around the beautiful ocean of the Oshima Channel in the southern area of Amami Oshima.

Watching the sea creatures in the ocean while enjoying chatting with family would be a happy moment, right?

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‘Amami Forestopolis’- The closest playground to Amami’s highest peak (Yuwandake)



Located at the foot of Yuwandake, the mountain with the highest elevation on Amami, the forest park where you can feel the magnificent nature ‘Forestopolis’ has a campsite, a bumper car course for kids that costs only 100 yen, and a large athletic playground among other fun spots dotted around the forest.

The sprawling nature of ‘Forestopolis’ is wide and spacious, and we recommend a guided three-wheeled tuk-tuk tour like those often seen in southern Asia for sightseeing ♫

There is also a tour held at night where you can see the Amami rabbit!

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Encounter Amami Oshima’s flora and fauna (in Spring-Summer) at the Amami Nature Observation Forest



At the Amami Nature Observation Forest in Tatsugō town, inside the park where the nationally protected species Lidith’s Jay chirp, there is a nature observation area, an insect forest, as well as a field athletic playground course, making it a perfect park for enjoying as a family.

The scenic views from the two observatory towers are a must-see!

In the sweeping view you can see the deep green of the mountains as well as Tatsugō Bay. At the end of January the sakura of Amami (hikansakura) bloom, so it becomes crowded by visitors viewing the sakura.

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So what do you think?

Amami is an island with kind people, bursting with nature, and full of culture. There is no doubt that the trip will become a lasting memory for everyone in the family ♫



*Translated by Rosemary White

*Original article is 「家族で楽しむ奄美旅に行きたいスポットまとめ」





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